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The Energy Corridor


One of the newest and most vibrant districts in Texas, the Energy Corridor is an urban park area that aims to house the world’s biggest energy building and providing companies in the world. Established within the 26,000 acres worth of urban land are famous energy companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell Oil Company, and ConocoPhillips to name a few. As of now, this massive economic compound provided employment opportunities to more than 78,000 people which is shared by 300 or so companies built in within this powerhouse compound called the Energy Corridor.


Features of the Energy Corridor


The Energy Corridor is not all business. Aside from the hundreds of major industrial corporations that operate here, the Energy Corridor also has assigned areas which could be visited and used to allow the families that relocated here to enjoy and to live fully.


Parks and Recreation


When the Energy Corridor was commissioned by the government of Houston, the idea behind it is to be able to create a community that does not only offer employment but also to offer a well-rounded means of living. With this as the vision, the Energy Corridor was assigned to a very grand space situated in the middle of two parks.


George Bush Park


Currently known as the Cullen-Barker Park, this almost 8,000-acre lush park was initially preserved to control flooding in and around the district. Today, this park is a major attraction for athletic residents and visitors. This park has numerous spaces devoted for football fields, baseball fields, firing ranges, playgrounds, ponds, and jogging trails.  There are designated bike trails that follow the route of the Buffalo Bayou, a natural reserve. Aside from all these features, one of the most popular is The Boardwalk. This is a wooden bridge that run along and across the Buffalo Bayou reserve. On the Boardwalk, visitors can enjoy a morning walk or an afternoon stroll while observing nature or listening to the birds. This Boardwalk allows the people to access and to enjoy the swampy area of the park.


Bear Creek Pioneers Park


This almost 3,000 acre park was preserved to also act as way to prevent flooding within the area. In the 1940s, a manmade reservoir, Addicks Reservoir, was constructed for the very same purpose.  Now this park serves as a recreation center of many locals and tourists living in and around the Energy Corridor. There are a lot of paved roads and parking spaces around the park which makes it easier for people to visit it. This park has walking trails, a mini zoo that features different kinds of birds, soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic tables, grilling stations, and pavilions.


Shopping Centers Around the Energy Corridor


If you think that the Energy Corridor is a boring compound, think again. This place is surrounded by small shopping centers which add delight to its many residents and visitors.


Parkway Village Plaza


This humble town center is a host to a handful of restaurants and shops. All your daily and practical needs can be bought here at Parkway Village. Have your eyes checked at the local vision center or have your nails or hair down at the local salon; all of these services are available here.

Here’s a list of the other shopping centers around the area:  Century Plaza, Enclave at Eldridge, Plaza on the Parkway, and Crescent Plaza.

There are many activities that the Energy Corridor has to offer its residents and visitors. One just needs to work his or her imagination and the choice will be limitless. Go for a stroll in the morning or visit the mini zoo with your children; the Energy Corridor is not just a place of work. This can also be a place to have fun and to bond with family and friends. All of these activities are more fun to do when you let C&S Executive Transportation lead the way.