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Houston Museum of Natural Science


Located north of Hermann Park, the Houston Museum of Natural Science was established in the early 1900s to offer free educational and historical references to the locals of Texas. Over the years, the exhibits of this museum gained depth and breadth which attracted millions of visitors annually. Currently, Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the most visited non-Smithsonian museums in North America; hence the administrators of this museum continue to work hard to host newer and more unique exhibits coming from various parts of the globe.


Permanent Exhibits @ Houston Museum of Natural Science



There are more than 10 permanent exhibits in this museum that feature ecology, palaeontology, gemmology, and many more. For only $20, visitors can learn from these exhibits and take home some new, priceless knowledge.


Hall of Ancient Egypt


This exhibit features this ancient civilization’s way of life, their religious beliefs, their medical breakthroughs, and many more.  This entire exhibit features artefacts coming all the way from the Sahara desert and the banks of the River Nile. Guest can actually see life images of mummified bodies, actual papyrus with written hieroglyphic images, and expensive accessories used by the pharaoh’s allies.


Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife


This exhibit features assorted large-scale dioramas that show the local species found in the Texas Wildlife. These newly remodelled murals show guests the different biomes and ecosystems existing in this part of the United States. Guests will surely enjoy the video wall that showcases the unique circle of life between the flora and the fauna in Texas.


Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals


This exhibit features more than 700 precious and semi-precious gems that were extracted or discovered from all around the globe. The main feature of this exhibit is the Ausrox Gold Nugget. This piece of gold was discovered in Australia and believed to be the largest gold nugget found in the world.  Its rarity in color and size makes the value of this piece insurmountable.



Other Features of the Houston Museum of Natural Science



Aside from the permanent and visiting exhibits that can be viewed in this museum, there are also other features that are worth the visit.  These featured annexes to the museum is not part of the $20 admission fee; thus choosing to visit all three will incur extra charges that are actually worth it.




The museum’s planetarium does not solely feature astronomical documentaries; this planetarium also feature historical shows like the extinction of the dinosaurs and the ice age.  For only $8.00, visitors can enjoy the high-tech projector used in this planetarium and view shows in high definition.


Butterfly Center


These colourful, delicate insects have its own aviary in this museum where guests can walk in and marvel on the colors of these butterflies. Aside from butterflies, this center also features other subjects such as arthropods, entomology, and conservation of rain forests.


Wortham Giant Screen Theater


Aside from the planetarium, guests can also enjoy view documentaries from a giant screen or better known as iMax theatre.  This newly renovated theatre features shows such as The Secret Ocean in 3D, Humpback Whales in 3D, and Tiny Giants in 3D.  For an additional amount of $11, you can enjoy three-dimensional viewing of these great creatures.



Both the young and the old will truly benefit from visiting this great museum in Houston.  You can take your children or your friends and just enjoy a no-frills day.  When you visit Houston, make sure you book your local transfers with C&S Executive Transportation.  Our company assures your safe and prompt arrival to your destination.