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Houston Zoo



Located within the Hermann Park, this 55-acre zoo is home to over 6,000 animals that belong to around 900 species. This pride of Houston attracts millions of patrons every year and is declared as one of the top 10 most visited zoos in the whole America. Founded in the 1920s with just a handful of assorted animals, the Houston Zoo took a major make over in 2000 with the inauguration of the John McGovern Children’s Zoo that aimed to continuously add different species of animals.




Activities @ the Houston Zoo



As part of the major make over done for the Houston Zoo, one of its vital roles in society is to be able to teach wildlife awareness and conservation to its daily visitors. The activities hosted by the zoo’s veterinarians or keepers aim to educate children and adults in a fun, unique way.



Giraffe Eating Platform



For just $5.00, children and adults can experience feeding an adult giraffe first-hand. Not only does this activity bring people closer to giraffes, it also helps care for the other 6,000 animals in the zoo. Who would have thought that a $5.00 fee will go a long way and support thousands of lives?



Hidden Koolookambas



Koolookambas are apelike creatures that belong to either the chimpanzee species or the ape species.  A cave-like structure with hidden Koolookambas faces was built within the zoo to challenge the children to a game of iSpy. Try to find all 27 Koolookambas in the cave and see if this hybrid species really does exist.



Enrichment Day



Once in a while the zoo presents an animal during Enrichment Day. Only during Enrichment Day the student is the animal and not the children watching.  Enrichment Day was established to teach wildlife creatures how to live in the wild. Since they have been kept in captivity, they solely depend on the zookeepers for food and protection. To teach these creatures on how to live in the wild, they are put in an environment where they need to search for their food, to find their own shelters, and to learn to survive. This simulated game is very helpful in keeping the natural instincts of the animals intact. While the game is ongoing, some guests are allowed to quietly watch from a distance.



Some of the Animals in the Houston Zoo



Children love to see colourful and cuddly animals. That is why even if the zookeepers do not want to promote favouritism, some visitors really tend to be partial to particular species.






Some of the most visited animals in this zoo belong to the Feline Family. These are the tigers, lions, cheetahs, cougars, jaguars, and leopards.  During feeding time, visitors can see these glorious creatures come to life as it prowl and devour its meal.






Birds also attract the attention of many visitors because of its colors and sounds. Some of the most visited birds in the zoo are the parrot, macaw, fruit dove, and many more.



Marine Species



Another favourite of many visitors are the collection of saltwater tanks in the zoo that houses a plethora of colourful marine creatures. Some of the more eye-catching marine animals are the seahorse, sea turtle, clown fish, and jelly fish.




There are a variety of exhibits, activities, and educational games that you and your children can participate in when you visit the Houston Zoo. For just $16 or even less, not only have you spent quality time with your children, you have also brought them closer to nature which is something everyone must learn to appreciate. So the next time you travel to Houston, make sure you find time to drop by Houston Zoo to help spread awareness and conservation of nature. Finally, to ensure you and your family’s safety, only book your local transfers with C&S Executive Transportation. Our company assures your prompt and safe arrival to your desired destination.